PyIStorage = OpenStorage(Name, Priority , Mode , snbExclude , reserved )

Opens an existing storage object with the specified name in the specified access mode.


Name : str

Name of the storage, or None.

Priority : PyIStorage

If the pstgPriority parameter is not None, it is a PyIStorage object to a previous opening of an element of the storage object, usually one that was opened in priority mode. The storage object should be closed and re-opened according to grfMode. When the PyIStorage::OpenStorage method returns, pstgPriority is no longer valid - use the result value. If the pstgPriority parameter is None, it is ignored.

Mode : int

Access mode - combination of storagecon.STGM_* flags (must include STGM_SHARE_EXCLUSIVE)

snbExclude : SNB

Reserved for later - Must be None

reserved=0 : int

Reserved integer param.