Pythonwin Readme.


There are a few known problems (and probably lots of unknown ones!)

Pythonwin is a Windows only IDE and GUI framework for Python.  It has an integrated debugger, and a rich Python editing environment.

Pythonwin is implemented as a 'wrapper' for the Microsoft Foundation Class library. With it, you can use MFC in an interactive, interpreted environment, or write full blown stand-alone applications tightly coupled with the Windows environment. Over 30 MFC objects are exposed, including Common Controls, Property Pages/Sheets, Control/Toolbars, Threads, etc.

Pythonwin could almost be considered a sample program for the MFC UI environment. This Python UI environment can be embedded in almost any other application - such as OLE clients/servers, Netscape plugins, as a Macro language etc.

Recent changes can be found at the end of this document.


There are many demos in the pywin\demos directory. To see a list of all the demos, run the program "pywin\demos\" from inside Pythonwin.


Almost all win32ui methods are document in the Pythonwin Help file. This is available from the Help Menu in the Pythonwin enviroment.

Below is a list of external Pythonwin specific documentation.

Known Problems

Recent Changes

Fixed alot of the interactive window formatting problems.  Pythonwin now always prints output as it receives it - this should stop Pythonwin from looking like it has completely hung when infact it is just waiting for some code to finish.

Support for Scintilla's indentation guides, that gives a nice indication of the block structure.

New, improved color editor, using the Scintilla control by Neil Hodgson (see The debugger now requires use of this editor.

Much better printing support from Roger Burnham. Pythonwin itself still can't print anything, but the framework can (meaning some kind soul could now add the support to Pythonwin :-)

DDE support is complete.

Reference helpfile is far more complete.

Lots of new methods from Kleanthis Kleanthous.

Better tool-tip and region support