Tim Golden's Python Stuff

I've spent pretty much all my professional life as a database developer within a Win32 environment, something which is apparent from the motley collection of scripts below, some of which I hope will be useful to other people.

To give credit where it's due, I should point out that pretty much all the real work has already been done by Mark Hammond and everyone else who's contributes to the Python win32 extensions and posted examples on c.l.py over the years. All I've done is to dress things up a bit and give a few examples. Hope it all helps.

My Stuff

WinSys - a Windows Administrator's toolkit in Python

Beta release of a multi-blade package which tries to present a Python-oriented take on some of the Win32 APIs with a common approach. Included are modules for dealing with event logs, the registry, the filesystem, ACLs and more.

Online copy of pywin32 docs

This is a simple online copy of the .chm-based documentation which ships with the pywin32 Python extensions. (I've slightly munged the isapi links to make them work).
Update: Include pywin32-214

Active Directory (AD)

A lightweight wrapper around the AD classes available for all Win32 platforms. These provide a standard way to access the LDAP-like domain-level hierarchical database where user and computer information are stored.


A collection of convenience functions to access things like the Desktop and My Documents folders, to create shortcuts and to extract the structured storage information held in most Microsoft Office documents

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

A lightweight wrapper around the WMI classes available for all Win32 platforms. These provide a standard way to access system-level information and interdependencies


Windows has the concept of system-wide events, not unlike the signals of Unix (altho' not entirely like, either). This module wraps a Python class around the Windows functions.

Win32 How Do I...?

Various useful bits & pieces for Win32, picked up from mailing lists etc. Includes things like watching for new files and printing.

Other People's Stuff

Mark Hammond: The pywin32 extensions
Trent Mick: process.py
Chris Gonnerman: Windows Console I/O for Python
Thomas Heller: ctypes
Reportlab: PDF toolkit
Pythonware: Python Imaging Library