[PyNETRESOURCE, ...] = WNetEnumResource(handle, maxExtries )

Enumerates a list of resources


handle : PyHANDLE

A handle to an open Enumeration Object (from win32wnet::WNetOpenEnum)

maxExtries=64 : int

The maximum number of entries to return. enforce the PyHANDLEType, Count is optional


Successive calls to win32wnet.WNetEnumResource will enumerate starting where the previous call stopped. That is, the enumeration is not reset on successive calls UNLESS the enumeration handle is closed and reopened. This lets you process an enumeration in small chunks (as small as 1 item at a time) and still fully enumerate a network object!

Return Value

The list contains PyNETRESOURCE entries. The total number of PyNETRESOURCE entries will be <= number requested (excepting the default behavior of requesting 0, which returns up to 64)