tuple = QueryServiceConfig(hService)

Retrieves configuration parameters for a service


hService : PySC_HANDLE

Service handle as returned by win32service::OpenService

Return Value

Returns a tuple representing a QUERY_SERVICE_CONFIG struct:


[0] int : ServiceType

Combination of SERVICE_*_DRIVER or SERVICE_*_PROCESS constants

[1] int : StartType

One of SERVICE_*_START constants

[2] int : ErrorControl

One of SERVICE_ERROR_* constants

[3] PyUnicode : BinaryPathName

Service's binary executable, can also contain command line args

[4] PyUnicode : LoadOrderGroup

Loading group that service is a member of

[5] int : TagId

Order of service within its load order group

[6] [PyUnicode,...] : Dependencies

Sequence of names of services on which this service depends

[7] PyUnicode : ServiceStartName

Account name under which service will run

[8] PyUnicode : DisplayName

Name of service