int/None = ChangeServiceConfig(hService, serviceType , startType , errorControl , binaryFile , loadOrderGroup , bFetchTag , serviceDeps , acctName , password , displayName )

Changes the configuration of an existing service.


hService : PySC_HANDLE

handle to service to be modified

serviceType : int

type of service, or SERVICE_NO_CHANGE

startType : int

When/how to start service, or SERVICE_NO_CHANGE

errorControl : int

severity if service fails to start, or SERVICE_NO_CHANGE

binaryFile : PyUnicode

name of binary file, or None

loadOrderGroup : PyUnicode

name of load ordering group , or None

bFetchTag : int

Should the tag be fetched and returned? If TRUE, the result is the tag, else None.

serviceDeps : [PyUnicode,...]

sequence of dependency names

acctName : PyUnicode

account name of service, or None

password : PyUnicode

password for service account , or None

displayName : PyUnicode

Display name