int = StartDocPrinter(hprinter, level , tuple )

Notifies the print spooler that a document is to be spooled for printing. To be used before using WritePrinter. Returns the Jobid of the started job.


hprinter : PyPrinterHANDLE

handle to printer (from win32print::OpenPrinter)

level=1 : int

type of docinfo structure (only docinfo level 1 supported)

tuple : data

A tuple corresponding to the level parameter.


For level 1, the tuple is:


[0] string : docName

Specifies the name of the document.

[1] string : outputFile

Specifies the name of an output file. To print to a printer, set this to None.

[2] string : dataType

Identifies the type of data used to record the document, such as "raw" or "emf", used to record the print job. This member can be None. If it is not None, the StartDoc function passes it to the printer driver. Note that the printer driver might ignore the requested data type.