None = SetJob(hPrinter, JobID , Level , JobInfo , Command )

Pause, cancel, resume, set priority levels on a print job.


hPrinter : PyPrinterHANDLE

Handle of printer.

JobID : int

Job Identifier.

Level : int

Level of information in JobInfo dict (0, 1, 2, and 3 are supported).

JobInfo : dict

JOB_INFO_* Dictionary as returned by win32print::GetJob or win32print::EnumJobs (can be None if Level is 0).

Command : int

Job command value (JOB_CONTROL_*).


If printer is not opened with at least PRINTER_ACCESS_ADMINISTER access, 'Position' member of JOB_INFO_1 and JOB_INFO_2 must be set to JOB_POSITION_UNSPECIFIED