int = DocumentProperties(HWnd, hPrinter , DeviceName , DevModeOutput , DevModeInput , Mode )

Changes printer configuration for a printer



Parent window handle to use if DM_IN_PROMPT is specified to display printer dialog

hPrinter : PyPrinterHANDLE

Printer handle as returned by win32print::OpenPrinter

DeviceName : string

Name of printer

DevModeOutput : PyDEVMODE

PyDEVMODE object that receives modified info, can be None if DM_OUT_BUFFER not specified

DevModeInput : PyDEVMODE

PyDEVMODE that specifies initial configuration, can be None if DM_IN_BUFFER not specified

Mode : int

A combination of DM_IN_BUFFER, DM_OUT_BUFFER, and DM_IN_PROMPT - pass 0 to retrieve driver data size

Return Value

If DM_IN_PROMPT is specified, returned value will be IDOK or IDCANCEL