string = BrowseCounters(Flags, hWndOwner , CallBack , DefaultDetailLevel , DialogBoxCaption , InitialPath , DataSource , ReturnMultiple , CallBackArg )

Displays the counter browsing dialog box so that the user can select the counters to be returned to the caller.


Flags : (boolean, ...)

Sequence of boolean flags, or None. All default to False. (bIncludeInstanceIndex, bSingleCounterPerAdd, bSingleCounterPerDialog, bLocalCountersOnly, bWildCardInstances, bHideDetailBox, bInitializePath, bDisableMachineSelection, bIncludeCostlyObjects, bShowObjectBrowser)

hWndOwner : PyHANDLE

Parent for the dialog.

CallBack : object

A callable object to function as the callback.

DefaultDetailLevel : int

The default detail level to show on startup in the Detail Level combo box. If the Detail Level combo box is not shown, this is the detail level to use in filtering the displayed performance counters and objects.

DialogBoxCaption=None : string

The dialog caption, or None for default.

InitialPath=None : str

Counter to be selected initially, or None for default

DataSource=None : str

Name of a performance log file, or None for live counters

ReturnMultiple=False : boolean

Return all selected counter paths as a sequence of strings. Previously, this function only returned a single path even when multiple counters were selected.

CallBackArg=None : object

Extra argument to be passed to callback function. For backward compatibility, the callback will only receive a single argument if this is not given.