MoveFileWithProgress(ExistingFileName, NewFileName, ProgressRoutine, Data, Flags, Transaction)

Moves a file, and reports progress to a callback function


ExistingFileName : PyUNICODE

File or directory to be moved

NewFileName : PyUNICODE

Destination, can be None if flags contain MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_REBOOT

ProgressRoutine=None : CopyProgressRoutine

A python function that receives progress updates, can be None

Data=None : object

An arbitrary object to be passed to the callback function

Flags=0 : int

Combination of MOVEFILE_* flags

Transaction=None : PyHANDLE

Handle to a transaction (optional). See win32transaction::CreateTransaction.


Only available on Windows 2000 or later

Accepts keyword arguments.

On Vista and later, the Transaction arg can be passed to invoke MoveFileTransacted