tuple = GetFileInformationByHandle(handle)

Retrieves file information for a specified file.


handle : PyHANDLE/int

Handle to the file for which to obtain information.
This handle should not be a pipe handle. The GetFileInformationByHandle function does not work with pipe handles.


Depending on the underlying network components of the operating system and the type of server connected to, the GetFileInformationByHandle function may fail, return partial information, or full information for the given file. In general, you should not use GetFileInformationByHandle unless your application is intended to be run on a limited set of operating system configurations.

Return Value

The result is a tuple of:


[0] int : dwFileAttributes

[1] PyTime : ftCreationTime

[2] PyTime : ftLastAccessTime

[3] PyTime : ftLastWriteTime

[4] int : dwVolumeSerialNumber

[5] int : nFileSizeHigh

[6] int : nFileSizeLow

[7] int : nNumberOfLinks

[8] int : nFileIndexHigh

[9] int : nFileIndexLow