CopyFileEx(ExistingFileName, NewFileName, ProgressRoutine, Data, Cancel, CopyFlags, Transaction)

Restartable file copy with optional progress routine


ExistingFileName : PyUNICODE

File to be copied

NewFileName : PyUNICODE

Place to which it will be copied

ProgressRoutine=None : CopyProgressRoutine

A python function that receives progress updates, can be None

Data=None : object

An arbitrary object to be passed to the callback function

Cancel=False : boolean

Pass True to cancel a restartable copy that was previously interrupted

CopyFlags=0 : int

Combination of COPY_FILE_* flags

Transaction=None : PyHANDLE

Handle to a transaction as returned by win32transaction::CreateTransaction


Accepts keyword args.

On Vista and later, the Transaction arg can be passed to invoke CopyFileTransacted

Win32 API References

Search for CopyFileEx at msdn, google or google groups.

Search for CopyFileTransacted at msdn, google or google groups.