(int, int) = ConnectEx(s, name , Overlapped , SendBuffer )

Version of connect that uses Overlapped I/O ConnectEx(sock, (addr, port), buf, overlap)


s : PySocket /int

A bound, unconnected socket that will be used to connect

name : tuple

Address to connect to (host, port)

Overlapped : PyOVERLAPPED

An overlapped structure

SendBuffer=None : buffer

Buffer to send on the socket after connect

Return Value

Returns the completion code and number of bytes sent. The completion code will be 0 for a completed operation, or ERROR_IO_PENDING for a pending overlapped operation.

If the platform does not support ConnectEx (eg, Windows 2000), an exception will be thrown indicating the WSAIoctl function (which is used to fetch the function pointer) failed with error code WSAEINVAL (10022).