str = CryptFormatObject(StructType, Encoded , FormatStrType , CertEncodingType , FormatType , FormatStruct )

Formats an encoded buffer into a readable string


StructType : str/int

OID identifying the type of encoded data, one of the szOID_* strings or an integer OID

Encoded : str

String containing encoded data to be formatted

FormatStrType=0 : int

String formatting options, combination of CRYPT_FORMAT_STR_MULTI_LINE, CRYPT_FORMAT_STR_NO_HEX

CertEncodingType=X509_ASN_ENCODING : int

Input encoding

FormatType=0 : int

Reserved, use only 0

FormatStruct=None : None

Reserved, use only None


Will handle all of the common certificate extension types

Win32 API References

Search for CryptFormatObject at msdn, google or google groups.