PyIStorage = StgCreateStorageEx(Name, Mode , stgfmt , Attrs , riid , StgOptions , SecurityDescriptor )

Creates a new structured storage file or property set


Name : string

Name of the stream or file to open

Mode : int

Access mode, combination of storagecon.STGM_* flags

stgfmt : int

Storage format, storagecon.STGFMT_*

Attrs : int

File flags and attributes, only used with STGFMT_DOCFILE

riid : PyIID

Interface id to return, IStorage or IPropertySetStorage

StgOptions=None : dict

Dictionary representing STGOPTIONS struct (only used with STGFMT_DOCFILE)

SecurityDescriptor=None : PySECURITY_DESCRIPTOR

Specifies security for the new file. Must be None on Windows XP.


Requires Win2k or later

Accepts keyword args