RegisterTypeLib(typelib, fullPath, helpDir, lcid)

Adds information about a type library to the system registry.


typelib : PyITypeLib

The type library being registered.

fullPath : string

Fully qualified path specification for the type library being registered

helpDir=None : string

Directory in which the Help file for the library being registered can be found. Can be None.


The locale ID to use.


This function can be used during application initialization to register the application's type library correctly. When RegisterTypeLib is called to register a type library, both the minor and major version numbers are registered in hexadecimal.
In addition to filling in a complete registry entry under the type library key, RegisterTypeLib adds entries for each of the dispinterfaces and Automation-compatible interfaces, including dual interfaces. This information is required to create instances of these interfaces. Coclasses are not registered (that is, RegisterTypeLib does not write any values to the CLSID key of the coclass).