int = CopyMessages(msgs, iid , folder , ulUIParam , progress , flags )

Copies the specified messages


msgs : PySBinaryArray

iid : PyIID

IID representing the interface to be used to access the destination folder. Should usually be None.

folder : PyIMAPIFolder

The destination folder

ulUIParam : long

Handle of the parent window for any dialog boxes or windows this method displays.

progress : PyIMAPIProgress

A progress object, or None

flags : int

A bitmask of

Mask Description
MAPI_DECLINE_OKInforms the message store provider to immediately return MAPI_E_DECLINE_COPY if it implements CopyMessage by calling the support object's IMAPISupport::DoCopyTo or IMAPISupport::DoCopyProps method.
MESSAGE_DIALOGDisplays a progress indicator as the operation proceeds.
MESSAGE_MOVEThe message or messages are to be moved rather than copied. If MESSAGE_MOVE is not set, the messages are copied.