CertSaveStore(MsgAndCertEncodingType, SaveAs, SaveTo, SaveToPara, Flags)

Serializes the store to memory or a file


MsgAndCertEncodingType : int

Only used when saveas is CERT_STORE_SAVE_AS_PKCS7 - usually X509_ASN_ENCODING combined with PKCS_7_ASN_ENCODING

SaveAs : int

One of the CERT_STORE_SAVE_AS_* constants

SaveTo : int

One of the CERT_STORE_SAVE_TO_* constants (CERT_STORE_SAVE_TO_MEMORY not supported yet)

SaveToPara : PyHANDLE/string

File name or open file handle depending on SaveTo parm

Flags=0 : int

Reserved, use 0